Reverse Your Gout In 3 Easy Steps
Get Rid of Your Gout Pain. Heal Your Pancreas. Lower Your Uric Acid.
"If hundreds of people have reversed their gout permanently, why shouldn't you?"
Octavian Mihai, PA-C
You can't take care of your loved ones long as you have pain in your body.
Pain decreases your intelligence,  because it takes you back to your physiological needs, and away from the need to proactively build your life.

Program Description

to reverse your gout permanently.
  • Get Rid Of Your Gout Pain
This program helps you get rid of your gout pain in as little as 3 DAYS.
  •  Eliminate The Real Cause Behind Gout
It's  vital to treat the real cause behind gout, so that you don't expose yourself to the risk of developing other chronic diseases over time, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure.
  •  Regain The Vitality You Once Had
Once you stop the pain and correct the real cause behind gout, your energy and vitality return, and you can once again do the things you enjoyed in your youth.
What's inside?
Video Lectures ($1,949 Value)
Video Lectures in which I teach you the 3 Steps you need to take to reverse your gout for good. These lectures contain the same concepts and strategies I teach my gout clients in New York.
Virtual Visits ($749 Value)
Three 1-on-1 virtual visits, where I help and support you to implement the 3 Steps, so you can reverse your gout as quickly as possible.
Private Coaching FB Group ($549 Value)
Lifetime Access to the Private Coaching Facebook Group, for support and to exchange experiences. So you don't feel like you're alone on this journey.
Bonus #1
The Ultimate Food List for Gout. 
Bonus #2
In-depth case study of a client who successfully reversed their gout permanently.
Bonus #3
Surprise! :)
(age 31)
"I felt supported at every step of my healing journey."
Gabriel (Age 70)
- my father -
"This program came into my life at a time when I had lost all hope."
Robert (AGE 42)
- Psychoanalyst -
"Octavian Mihai successfully simplifies what most people find complex. He understands the human cell and sees the connection between the functions of each organ. He treats each client as if they were a close friend. For me it was vital to get out of pain fast, so I can go back to doing my work and my life's mission - that of understanding other people."
About Me
Octavian Mihai, PA-C
"I've always had a huge passion for Human Physiology, Pathophysiology and Biochemistry, which I had the opportunity to learn from my illustrious pofessors and mentors at Yale University.

I've been practicing medicine in my own clinic in New York for over 5 years, and I have helped and supported over 500 clients to reverse their gout for good.

This has made me discover my life's mission: to help as many people as possible reverse their gout and get back to a normal and happy life."
The 3 Steps To Reverse Your Gout Program
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This Is What You Are Getting:
  • 3 Steps To Reverse Your Gout - Video Lectures  ($1,949 value)
  • Three 1-on-1 virtual visits with me ($749 value)
  • Lifetime Access To Private Coaching Facebook Group ($549 value)
  • Bonus #1The Ultimate Food List for Gout
  • Bonus #2: Successful Client Case Study
  • Bonus #3: Surprise! :)
Total Value: $3,247
Your Cost Today: $97

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reverse my gout if I was told it is genetic or that it runs in my family?

Yes! In reality, less than 1% of gout is genetic. If you develop gout later in your life and you don’t have severe kidney disease or a history of kidney surgery, your gout is reversible.

Isn't gout a chronic disease that can't be cured?

Gout is a chornic disease only as long as you fail to correct the real cause behind it. Once you do, your inflammation and uric acid level decrease, and you never experience gout again.

Will I be given prescription medications?

No, this program isn't based on prescription medications, like allopurinol or cholcicine. And it's not based on expensive "anti-gout" supplements. Instead, it's based on nutrition and lifestyle modifications rooted in science and quality medical studies.

How soon can I get rid of my pain and reverse my gout?

Every client is different and the time it takes depends on how quickly you can implement the steps of the program. I have clients who have gotten rid of their pain in as little as 3 DAYS and have reversed their gout fully within 3 MONTHS from starting the program.

Can I schedule an In-Person Visit with you?

At this time, my schedule is fully booked at my office in New York. So I cannot take new clients for in-person visits.

Will I have to follow a strict diet for the rest of my life?

No, once you complete the program, you can eat a variety of foods, especially meat, seafood and fruits. 

*Although I would love to take each and every one of you into this program, my time is limited.

That's why I am only reopening the program for the first 100 people, who feel that they want to reverse their gout now.

** I have lowered the price of the program to make it affordable for everyone who wants to reverse their gout. However, as spots fill up, the price will increase.

So, if you're determined to get started, join now!

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